Have fun and be inspired at the Rockland Center for the Arts in West Nyack

If you're looking to plan a fun and inspiring trip with the family, then road trip to the Rockland Center for the Arts in West Nyack is in order.
The center is more than just a day at the museum. It's a place where you can not only look at art, but also learn to create it. "ROCA is a multi-arts center accessible for people of all ages and skill levels. We offer a wide ride of experiences in the arts, everything from experiencing our sculpture, park and contemporary or exhibits to taking classes," says Daly Flannagan, executive director of ROCA.
How about learning ceramics? "Our ceramics programs are our most popular classes, I think it's because it's accessible and you can make something that you use really connecting your mind in your body because you're creating physically," explains Flanngan.
And you can learn year-round! You'll just need to register ahead.
Also inside are walls adorned with unique pieces, created by local artists — like Danielle McDonald. "I'm a painter and an illustrator and I'm a muralist. When you start looking into it, and start seeing the layers, and you start like learning a little bit more about somebody, I mean that would be my hope to get people to stop and look," says McDonald.
Or Nate Singer— who also creates visually stimulating artwork, with a mysterious twist. "I'm mostly inspired by organic geometry I'd say the art is just celebrating the mystery and reveling in the mystery," says Singer.
Another unique aspect is the outdoor sculpture park featuring Hudson Valley artists and beyond. "We look for art that complements the natural setting that covers the different media you can make a sculpture out of. And I think sometimes when people look at art, and they see the various forms you can work with, and it's not all just drawing and painting. It opens the doors for them to think of themselves as possibly exploring, art or being creative," muses Flannagan.
You're encouraged to be in the moment and let inspiration speak to you, and there's always something new to learn and see at the Rockland Center for the Arts.
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