Harrison holds its 100th Veterans Day parade

The Hudson Valley is honoring the service of servicemen and women at several events on this Veterans Day.
For the 100 year, Underhill Avenue in Harrison was a sea of red, white and blue as residents in the community came out to show gratitude to all those who served.
Veterans groups, Harrison police and fire departments, high school bands, and other civic groups marched in the annual parade.
A ceremony took place after the parade where local vets and the mayor spoke. The mayor said there was a parade and celebration for the veterans in Harrison when men and women returned home in 1919 after World War I. One hundred years later, it's a tradition that never plans to end.
Evo Riguzzi was in the reserves from 1970-1999. He grew up in Harrison and says he loves the smaller town appreciation for veterans. "We are truly a band of brothers and sisters. And we understand each other and what we've all gone through the sacrifices that a lot of people made to stay in the service."