Hanukkah celebrations across Hudson Valley embrace light amidst community challenges

As the first day of Hanukkah approaches, menorahs will illuminate the night sky at sundown.
Joining in this celebration, various events are planned across the Hudson Valley:
  • Mount Vernon City Hall Plaza: A Menorah lighting ceremony will take place, accompanied by the melodious singing of the Sinai Free Synagogue Choir, starting at 4
  • Ossining, Market Square: A unique Menorahcade of cars will drive to Market Square, where a grand Menorah will be kindled, commencing at 6
  • Chabad of Orange County in Goshen: Hosting an evening dedicated to combating antisemitism, the community is invited to a Chanukkah Menorah lighting event from 6 to 7
These events symbolize the resilience and unity of the community, embracing the spirit of Hanukkah while confronting challenges of rising antisemitism.