Gunman hoaxes leave large financial burden on Hudson Valley taxpayers

A fake phone call about a gunman at Felix Festa Middle School led to money and manpower wasted at the expense of taxpayers.
Roughly 100 officers responded to the Clarkstown school last week after a call claimed there was a gunman in the halls. Police determined it to be a hoax.
While no officers or kids were hurt in the response, Clarkstown police estimate the financial blow sits around $17,000.
Clarkstown Central School District isn't alone -- last month a 17-year-old student was charged for making a terroristic threat at EF Academy in Thornwood. Mount Pleasant police say it was another a hoax, this time stemming from a dare. That student is now facing a felony charge.
In the agency's #ThinkBeforeYouPost campaign, the FBI warns phone threats can lead to five years behind bars.
The investigation into who is behind the hoax at Felix Festa is ongoing. Police encourage anyone who may have info to contact police.