Groundbreaking ceremony marks start of renovation for Nyack Memorial Park

A groundbreaking ceremony held in Nyack Thursday signaled the start of a big renovation for the Memorial Park.
The upcoming project aims to provide exciting additions for children ages 2 to 5, who can anticipate new playgrounds.
In addition to the playgrounds, a new water fountain is in the works, along with the restoration of the great lawn and ballfield.
There will also be a new rubberized surface in the playground and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant walkways.
News 12 was told the price tag for the project was $798,000 - paid for by federal dollars through the county.
"It's just going to be much nicer to sit out on the lawn. It's going to be a better place to play ball. It's going to be a better place to bring kids for the playground. There's going to be a lot more to do. It's going to be a lot nice to do in addition to the fact that we have a skate park. We've got a basketball park," said Nyack Mayor Joe Rand.
The new playground area is expected to be completed this spring .
The ball field will be done sometime late summer.
Given the scale of the project, the village emphasizes the importance of adhering to safety measures and urges residents to pay attention to all safety fencing.