Greenburgh town supervisor claims Gov. Cuomo threatened him over homeless housing project in 1988

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, a former Westchester county legislator, claims that Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened him in 1988 over Cuomo's plans, as head of a development company, to build a homeless housing project in the town.
"He basically said that if I compromised from 108 units, to even 107, he would destroy my career, break my bones and he had the newspapers and editorial page writers that would be critical of what I was doing," Feiner says.
Feiner's 1988 run-in with Cuomo was mentioned in Saturday's Washington Post article and previously included in a 1994 piece in the New York Times.
But, Cuomo still has his supporters. In a recent statement, senior Cuomo advisor Richard Azzopardi writes in part that he, "never heard him use coarse language."
New York state Assemblyman Ron Kim, of Queens, tells a different story.
The Democrat says Cuomo threatened during a call last month, to "ruin his career".
Kim is among the critics accusing the governor of covering up the accurate count of nursing home deaths due to COVID-19.
When asked if Cuomo should resign, Feiner says the attorney general should investigate all of the allegations against the governor and give him the opportunity to respond before rushing to judgement.