Greenburgh officer sues department, alleging repeated sexual harassment

A Greenburgh police officer is suing the department, alleging repeated sexual harassment by fellow officers while on duty because of her sexual orientation.
Since she was a little girl, Kristin Stein says she knew she wanted to be an officer. She joined the department in May 2017.
She says being a member of the Greenburgh police was a dream come true - until reality became a nightmare.
"For a year, I was sexually harassed by my male field training officer," says Stein.
Stein, who's openly bisexual, says she was treated like a sex object and eventually sexually assaulted on duty by her nightshift partner, Officer Jeff Cerone.
"I was thrown into the desk and I felt someone thrust their groin and stomach area onto my rear end," says Stein.
News 12 obtained police bodycam video of Stein moments before the alleged assault in 2019. She is off camera when Officer Cerone allegedly attacked.
Stein has since filed a 42-page complaint against the department, 15 of its members and the town.
Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner says the chief denies any wrongdoing but that the town is taking a closer look at how sexual harassment is reported and handled among employees.
Stein hasn't returned to duty and hopes her efforts to be heard will someday make a difference for herself and future officers.
She says Officer Cerone remains on duty.
The Greenburgh Police Department says it disagrees with the characterization of the video and other incidents in the complaint, but can't comment further on pending litigation.