'Grannies Respond' helps NYC migrants sheltered in the Hudson Valley

There’s a reason for the expression ‘don’t mess with granny.’ 
“You’re going to separate families? Tell that to the abuelas," said Catherine Cole.
Cole runs a group of Beacon-based grandmothers called, “Grannies Respond-Abuelas Responden," and they're just as fierce as you might expect! Plus, they know how to cook! They organized a huge picnic buffet for dozens of asylum seekers at the Ramada in Newburgh on Sunday.  
“That was a special thing and I think that was great. There’s another planned in a few weeks,” said Cole. 
The growing group of volunteers has hundreds of members in 14 states that are dedicated to helping the humanitarian crisis at our borders and in our communities. 
“We try to find out what that group needs, what their sizes are, what’s going to be important to them.” 
They’ve helped thousands of migrants in New York City with clothes, food, shelter, and health care since last August, and are now shifting their efforts to the Hudson Valley. 
“We have purchased and bought socks and underwear. We bought a lot of athletic shorts and shoes. Some of them really need shoes or sneakers," says Cole.
Cole says one of the biggest challenges the group is dealing with now is backlash and fear from the communities where migrants are temporarily seeking asylum. 
“They’re not just coming for the fun of it. They’re coming for a better life and to give their families better lives. It’s all about families," says Cole. 
For more information about the group Grannies Respond and how you can volunteer or donate on our Facebook page, click here