Gov. Cuomo unveils program to revive arts in NY, giving performers hope

A new effort was unveiled Monday to revive the arts during the pandemic.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's announcement of NY PopsUp signals a glimmer of hope for theater owners and performers.
Bruce Wheeler, the general manager of the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, says he's had to furlough almost all of his 80 full and part-time workers.
"It's tough as a boss to know that I have employees who I also list as friends who are struggling," says Wheeler.
Cuomo says NY PopsUp is more than 300 pop-up arts events that will happen across the state over 100 days. He says the events are free and will be open to the public.
Cuomo says the performances will happen in places such as parking lots, parks and museums, but did not give specifics about where or when you'll be able to see those performances.
"Any step in that direction is hopeful and promising and we're going through this day by day and the question is when can we allow an audience in and what challenges is that going to face," says Wheeler.
The Capitol Theatre has been holding virtual events throughout the pandemic.