Goshen family’s holiday decorations show support for Legoland

A Goshen family is getting creative this year with their holiday decorations while making a statement about a controversial issue in the area.
The Prospect Avenue homeowner wanted to show his support of the multimillion-dollar Legoland theme park coming to Goshen, so he decked out his house with handmade Lego-themed holiday decorations.
Most of the decorations are actually cardboard painted to look like Legos. There are also cardboard and fabric figurines and pieces of spray- painted wood and cut up plastic plumbing pipe made to look like big pieces of the popular toy.
"I think it's a great thing coming to this community. I think it's going to help us. Jobs, employment and everything else that can come here. So a big inspiration for us to help get the word out,” says Frank Zellner.
The homeowner says it only took a few days to make the decorations.  The family says it plans on keeping them up through the holiday season.