Goshen couple fears losing farm to development

An Orange County couple is fighting to keep their farm during a controversial estate sale that threatens to turn the land into a subdivision.
Goshen produce farmers Jason and Kristin Tauw’s home and farm that they've leased for years, off Sarah Wells Trail, is now up for sale after longtime landowner Joan Kozareski died suddenly last year. While the Tauws continue to farm the land, they're now up against Kozareski's estate.
"It's being marketed above its appraised value to see what the highest bid could possibly be,” says Kristin Tauw.

Kozareski willed the property and one other to five charities. The couple say they've offered $750,000 for the 135 acres Kozareski owned but that the land is worth significantly more to residential developers.
"We're hopeful that the charities, the heirs, realize they can be heroes in this," says Jason Tauw.

The couple says Kozareski planned on selling them the property before she died and that their efforts to reach out to the charities, realtor and estate attorney involved has gotten them nowhere.

"People move to Orange County for the bucolic character that it offers. As that disappears - the reason people are here is also disappearing,” says Jason Tauw.

In the meantime, the future of Wagon Wheel Farm remains unknown.