Going up: New Rochelle could see tax hike while rest of Westchester sees decline

Westchester County Executive George Latimer announced a budget proposal that includes a property tax decrease last week, but that may not be the case for everyone who lives in the county.
The city of New Rochelle is a separate entity from Westchester County, so  city residents could instead see a property tax hike.           
New Rochelle has a proposed $213 million budget that calls for a 2% property tax hike.
City Manager Charles Strome says the money will help restore and continue public safety services.
Strome says if the budget passes, the average homeowner would pay about $105 more a year.
But some homeowners feel they're paying more and getting less.
Strome says everyone must to do their part.
"I understand because I pay taxes too, but it's just part of providing the service...I know a $100 could be a lot, but it's really $105 a year so it's really just about $10 a month,” says Strome.
Earlier this year, Latimer proposed a budget that would cut the tax levy due to a hike in sales tax earlier this year. The city of New Rochelle does not share that tax with the county, which is why it is adding the increase to balance the budget, complying with the state's tax cap.
Council members will review the budget and hold a public hearing on Dec. 10. The first day of the new year will be the day the budget goes into effect.