Get the total outdoor experience at Mountain Lakes Park in North Salem

This week Road Trip: Close to Home is exploring a special getaway into the wild at Mountain Lakes Park in North Salem.
The open space is Westchester's northern-most county park, and immediately makes you forget about city life. "It has a distinct feeling from any other park that we have. We've got miles of hiking trails, some very easy on level ground, others are a little more challenging," says Taro Ietaka, Mountain Lakes Park Recreation supervisor.
A quick hike will bring you to Lookout Point, where you'll get the best view at Mountain Lakes. "The nature here is fantastic. It just makes a really nice getaway, it doesn't feel like you're only an hour from the city when you're here," says Ietaka.
Mountain Lakes Park gets its name from the five lakes within the roughly thousand acre woods.  "This is Hemlock Lake — one of the five! Here, you can rent a canoe and explore the park from a totally different perspective," offers Ietaka.
This lake is also perfect for fishing! So bring your pole, cast a line and reel in your catch of the day!
The best part is your road trip doesn't have to end at sundown. You can reserve a site, pitch a tent and stay the night out in the woods!  "People can set up a tent on the outside, and there are lean-to's for meals and playing games and they are out in nature so there are fantastic views."