Garrison school district welcomes students back for in-person learning today

One of Putnam County's smallest school districts is officially welcoming students back for in-person learning today.
The entire Garrison School District is just over 200 students, and the small size is allowing the school to offer full time in-person learning to start the year.
This summer, school officials determined the Garrison school building, which houses the entire K-eighth grade district, is big enough for every student to attend in-person.
Officials are splitting each grade between two classrooms with teachers and aides switching to spread students out at least six feet.
In a community survey, the district found about 15% of parents are not comfortable sending their kids back to school.
A full remote learning option is available to them.
For those in the building, masks are mandatory, the cafeteria has been turned into an isolation room, and visitors are not allowed except in emergencies.
Like everyone else, the district also submitted a hybrid and remote learning option and is prepared to go fully online if the state closes schools again.
The school is asking parents who are opting for all-remote learning to commit to that plan for at least for the first 10 weeks.