Funeral homes overwhelmed as death toll rises

Funeral homes across the Hudson Valley are going from handling 20 cases a month to 25 a day.

News 12 Staff

Apr 16, 2020, 11:15 AM

Updated 1,500 days ago


Funeral homes across the Hudson Valley are becoming overwhelmed as the death toll from the coronavirus continues to rise.
Close to 650 residents in Westchester have lost their lives to the virus. It's a number the county has never seen before.
Before the pandemic, funeral homes say they would typically handle up to 20 cases a month.
Recently, they're handling up to 25 in a single day, and now they are turning to the state for help. "We’re asking New York state to do something about that in providing greater refrigeration other than the morgues they have or the refrigeration trucks they have in place," says Terri Flynn, executive director of the Westchester County Funeral Homes Association.
Until the state can step in, local funeral homes and morgues are left to handle the situation.
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