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From water slides to coaster rides, LEGOLAND New York Resort is the ultimate Lego experience

Spend your day journeying through seven different Lego-themed lands and the park’s newest hit - Lego City Water Playground!

Nikita Ramos

Jun 8, 2023, 2:52 PM

Updated 375 days ago


Welcome to LEGOLAND New York Resort - the ultimate Lego set you can play inside of — and it’s right here in Goshen!
“LEGOLAND New York Resortis the Lego-lover's ultimate theme park experience, we're mainly geared for younger kids, ages 2-12, the whole family is welcomed because everything at Legoland New York Resort is really designed to be a kid's first theme park experience,” says Matt Besterman, LEGOLAND New York Resort.
Spend your day journeying through seven different Lego-themed lands and the park’s newest hit.  Lego City Water Playground just opened this season and it’s the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day.
There are dozens of water attractions to slide down, dance around and soak up -- even building and racing your own Lego boat! 
From the water to the skies, take your adventures onto a dragon at Lego Castle and a world of knights and royalty. 
And of the most iconic rides is the Dragon Coaster! "It's not too big, it's not too scary it doesn't loop the loop, it's perfect for a kid's first time on a coaster," says Besterman.
You might recognize the park’s typical height-guide or safety-guides, but what's different that Legoland does, is they have these "Sensory Guides" rated zero to nine. It's just a little step further that Legoland does to make sure that kids have a great time while parents have that peace of mind.
A visit to Lego Ninjago World will have you put your Ninja skills to the test.  And the ride - Lego Ninjago - will put you to work in 4D! "You're using your powers of spin-jitsu along with other ninjas to battle the forces of evil," explains Besterman.
And how about shrinking down and transporting into a LEGO minifigure on this exclusive LEGO Factory Adventure Ride -- it's where you'll be right in the action of how the LEGO bricks are made.
There is so much more to explore -- so how about extending your adventures and staying the night!? Or just come for the day to get the ultimate Lego experience on this Road Trip: Close to Home! 

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