Former Westchester County Executive Astorino calls out schools for switching to remote learning

Former Westchester County Executive and current Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino sounded off against Mount Vernon and other schools Wednesday for switching to remote learning.
Astorino also suggests the state's decision to cancel next month's Regents exams could be a move to cover up how much students are suffering academically.
His comments come on the first day of remote learning for Mount Vernon schools, which will be virtual until Jan. 18.
"Just because tests are proving more positive means more people are getting it, but the severity is less and less and that's a good thing. So, schools like Mount Vernon, they need to stay open and other school districts that are considering it they should not do it," he says.
Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard responded on Twitter saying, "Its interesting that you would worry about young people getting COVID in Mount Vernon, but what is your plan for our underfunded hospital, with NO ICU & an ER that's under resourced. I'm surprised you were able to even find Mount Vernon on the map."