Food Fight: The 808 Bistro in Scarsdale

The 808 Bistro in Scarsdale is the week three winner of the 2020 Food Fight series.
The owners are asking clients to visit their website where they have multiple menu options, including the regular menu family value meals and a three course pre fixe menu all available for takeout, whether it is curbside pick up or delivery. You can also call the restaurant at 914-722-0808.
The dining room is temporarily closed until further notice, due to the coronavirus outbreak. The photos below were provided by the restaurant for the series.
Some of their dishes include, pappardelle bolognese, braised boneless short ribs 24-hour marinated skirt steak, and sole francese with mixed sautéed vegetables. In addition, they also offer many vegan options including, General Tso’s cauliflower and a spring quinoa succotash.
The restaurant is located at 808 Scarsdale Ave. in Scarsdale.
Check out some of their delicious dishes below!