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Are you looking to buy your first home in New Jersey? Here are ways to save money

News 12 looks at ways to save first-time home buyers thousands of dollars in The Real Deal.

News 12 Staff

Mar 17, 2023, 10:04 AM

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With spring around the corner, the housing market is bogged down by a lot of the same issues it was dealing with last fall - low inventory and high prices. Buying a home right now in New Jersey is very challenging. News 12 looks at ways to save first time home buyers thousands of dollars in The Real Deal.
"When I was younger, you only financed a house and a car. Now you can finance just about anything. So, stay out of debt,” said David Johnson from Marlboro.
Inventories are showing declines across several New Jersey counties: 23% in Hudson, 10% in Bergen, 7% in Morris and 2% in Monmouth.
"I just got married in the last year, so getting rid of both of our debt is the first step. Debt consolidation. Hopefully we can get rid of our debt in the next year or two and better our credit and then go from there,” said Holly Sikorski from Pemberton.
Buyers are being met with higher prices: up more than 14% in Hudson, 10% in Bergen, 8% in Monmouth and 6% in Morris County.
Purnima Talwar of One Realty Group in Freehold says call your county government to see if there are grants available. She says there are programs for first time homebuyers from the state and private banks.
"There's lines outside the doors again and the prices are going up. The inventory is very, very low," Talwar said.
"Get your preapproval done. There are programs out there for 3.5% or 3% with up to $15,000 with down payment assistance. We can also build in the closing costs within the purchase price so there's very little money required," Talwar said.
The big takeaways: Pay down your debt and work on your credit score. For more information, visit nj.gov/dca/hmfa/roadhome.

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