Firefighters remind citizens to shovel out fire hydrants from snow

Firefighters in Beacon are reminding residents to make sure to shovel out fire hydrants - since every second counts in an emergency.
"That is a delay if we have to go and dig them out - the hydrant. We want to pull up, be able to make our wrap and connect to the hydrant - especially when at night, when it's a lot harder," says Beacon Fire Department Chief Gary Vanvoorhis.
Vanvoorhis offered the reminder as he and his firefighters shoveled out snow from the hydrant in front of their firehouse.
"We and any other fire department like to have the hydrants cleared 3 foot around the hydrant because we actually work a fire hydrant from 360 degrees," he says.
Help is just a call away for Beacon residents who can't dig out their hydrant.
"For the people who cannot do it or don't have the ability to do it, we will come to your house to shovel them out," says Vanvoorhis.