Fire investigators search through tons of rubble for cause of the deadly Spring Valley fire

The investigation into the massive deadly fire at a Rockland County assisted care facility is now in full swing.
Investigative vehicles from multiple state and county agencies have replaced all the fire and emergency vehicles that packed the area surrounding Evergreen Court Home for Adults on Tuesday.
Fire officials are digging through tons of rubble to figure out just what caused the fire that claimed two lives.
Spring Valley firefighter Jared Lloyd, 35, and one male resident of the facility who has not yet been identified, died in the fire.
News 12 has looked into the history of the facility that opened two decades ago. Since opening, there have been four operators. Safety inspections show there have been violations.
One visit in December 2019 pointed to multiple fire regulations that included maintenance and testing of their fire alarm, sprinkler system and fire extinguishers.
However, an inspection last month by the Rockland County Health Department reports no obvious problems with the smoke alarm or sprinkler systems.
Because of the intensity of the fire and the destruction caused by the heat and flames, investigators say there is no timetable on this and expect it to take quite a while.
As for the residents, 10 are in the hospital, with one in critical condition. The rest are at various nursing-type facilities throughout the Hudson Valley and Brooklyn.