Fire at Wyandanch recycling plant ignites concern about air quality

A massive fire broke out a recycling plant in Wyandanch Sunday night leaving some residents concerned about what they may be breathing in.
According to officials, the fire broke out at the Omni Recycling Plant around 8:24 p.m.
Stewart Moore is a lawyer who lives in Wheatley Heights. Moore says he is concerned for the health of himself and his family, especially since black smoke was seen billowing out of the recycling plant.
Moore says often these types of recycling plants are placed in communities where people lack resources or have more rentals than homeowners and those people are less likely to attend community meetings.
"There have been environmental impacts that seem to have a stronger and direct impact on the Black and brown communities," says Moore.
The plant itself is surrounded by cemeteries in an industrial area.
Legislator Jason Richburg oversees the area that encompasses the plant and not only wants to know the air quality impact, but also what started this major blaze to begin with.
'The environment is one of the major issues that we focus on in this district, whether it is sewers or water quality, it is all connected," says Richburg.
Fire officials still don't know what sparked the fire. No one was injured.