FEMA, municipalities chip in for multimillion-dollar West Nyack levee project

FEMA and local municipalities have contributed funding to break ground on a multimillion-dollar levee project in West Nyack.
Officials say the $6.3 million dollar project is divided between three entities - FEMA, Clarkstown and Rockland County. 
The improvement project has $4.7 million coming federally from FEMA, $1.3 million distributed from Clarkstown and $200,000 from Rockland County.
The project is expected to raise and lengthen the current levee near Lake Lodico.
Residents in the area have seen water levels reach alarming heights from storms over the years.
Jane Storm, of West Nyack, tells News 12 the project will give her peace of mind.
“The water is not going to be at our door every nor’easter, every spring storm, every time we have a wet winter,” says Storm. “You can’t put a price tag on that.”
Two pumps will be installed as a part of the project to assist in draining the lake. Officials say that doing so will serve as a preventative measure ahead of large storms.
According to officials, work will begin next week and can be expected to be complete in under a year.