Father-daughter duo restarts business despite COVID-19 pandemic

Yelp reports more than 90,000 businesses closed nationwide from March to September. - and Joe Crotty Jr.'s bar was one of them.
Crotty Jr. opened his first bar in 1980, and eventually ran a bar in the Bronx - until COVID-19.
"It was not going to come back. It was a college bar," he says.
Crotty Jr. says he felt he had to pivot, and since business is in his blood, he came up with an idea.
"Well, there's a few items people can agree on they like. Pizza, burgers and Philly cheesesteaks. But most people don't do a Philly cheesesteak right," he says.
In the new year, Crotty's Cheesesteaks was born in New Rochelle.
It's doing well, but since it's not an easy time to be starting a business, he brought in his daughter, Lindsay, to the business.
After a career in corporate finance, Lindsay now co-owns Crotty's Cheesesteaks with her father.
Lindsay is now showing her kids the business early on.
"And I often think you know maybe one day they will work for me," she says.