Fantasy football loser in Mamaroneck has to drive his punishment

A local man is living with the consequences of losing in his fantasy football league by showcasing the pretty verdict on his car.
Nick Johnson has to drive his pink 2020 Toyota Corolla coated with hearts and unicorns so that everyone can know about his loss.
"Typical rules, the winner wins a bunch of cash and a trophy and the loser gets punished and this year this was my punishment," says Johnson. "I only won two games, I didn't really watch any football this year, so that’s kind of how it goes...”
When asked what led to this outcome, Johnson admitted he wasn’t as attentive to the sport this season.
The winner of the fantasy football league he participated in owns a car wrapping business, Chris Breezy Customs in Mamaroneck, and comped the bill for the colorful wrap. 
Fortunately, Johnson isn’t being a sore loser about the situation, saying in part, "I feel like that justice has been served to me for my effort that I put into the league this year and also a little bit that I just wish it was over."
He told News 12 about the endless attention he receives and his plans to keep the wrap on for the next two weeks.
"I went to the mall the other day and when I came back out my car was surrounded by 20 people," he says. “Pretty much nonstop pointing and laughing.”
Johnson says he plans to join the league again next year but intends to pay better attention and possibly hire a consultant.