Family quarantined in New Rochelle over coronavirus concern describes world of isolation

There are thousands of New Yorkers under quarantine due to coronavirus concerns, and as the days pass, frustration and fear mounts for many of them.
News 12's Tara Rosenblum conducted a video chat with a quarantined New Rochelle family of six who worships at the synagogue where the outbreak first began.
Tamar Weinberg says being under quarantine has left her family afraid. They say people come to the front door with masks and gloves.

Weinberg says even things as basic as mail delivery becomes complicated.

She says the kitchen is filled with delivered food and the living room has been transformed into a makeshift school for their four children.

So far, no one has come by to test Tamar Weinberg or her family members.
All of them are under quarantine, along with 1,000 fellow members of their synagogue, Young Israel of New Rochelle.
Weinberg says that out of all of the uncertainty, fear and isolation, something more powerful has risen.
“I find there is so much beauty coming out of this...solidarity,” she says. “There has been a firestorm of assistance from everyone. It's really great and appreciated.”

Families are now connecting and worshipping together over internet chat groups, as non-quarantined neighbors deliver food, run errands and share acts of kindness.
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