Family of wildlife photographer deported to Yemen fights to bring him back

The family of a well-known wildlife photographer who was deported to Yemen is fighting to bring him back.
Elmsford resident Anwar Alomaisi was deported at the end of January during an immigration check.
News 12 reached out to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which says Alomaisi was given an order of removal in 2005. He filed an appeal that was denied, leading to his deportation.
Alomaisi's attorney says the 42-year-old overstayed his visa and was unable to get a green card. He says his client has no criminal record and has paid his taxes.
Anwar inspired his cousin to pick up a camera and even let him tag along on gigs, but the teen may never see him again.
"My mom and dad have been thinking about it, hoping and praying for him to come back to us," he says. "That's literally all I want, for him to come back to us."
Anwar's uncle says he was brought to a hotel in Yemen that is 12 hours from his mom. He says that is not a safe trip to take.
As an appeal to reopen his case is filed, a GoFundMe to pay for his legal fees has raised almost $15,000.