Fairfield Police Marine unit reminds boaters to be safe on July Fourth

The Marine Unit for Fairfield Police wants to remind boaters and those hitting the water for recreational activities on July Fourth to be safe.
The unit is enforcing Operation Dry Water - looking for people under the influence or operating vessels recklessly.
Police say they want to make sure people have the proper safety equipment on board. 
They say boaters should wear personal floatation devices whenever they are on the water and while on any watercraft.
Before departing on the water, boaters should properly inspect their vessel and maintain a safe speed while on the water.
Officials say those headed out on the water should always refrain from drinking alcohol.
Another important tip the Marine Unit has is to check the weather forecast.
Today is expected to see a mix of rain and clouds.
Officials say it's important to know what the weather will be like before hitting the water to prevent being caught in a storm.