Fairfield County police departments form task force against growing car thefts

Several police departments in Fairfield County are joining forces to combat the growing number of car thefts thanks to a new state grant.
The Auto Theft Task Force includes police departments from across Fairfield County.
Police officers in Stamford say they will plan to patrol specific areas with extra officers on any given night.
The task force will come up with a comprehensive plan to deter auto theft and arrest those responsible.
Police say car break-ins and car thefts occur on a regular basis and are often committed by juveniles or young adults. The concern is that in many cases, the stolen cars are then used for more serious crimes like robberies and shootings.
Westport's police chief says by sharing resources and information with other communities, the ability to solve the crimes increases exponentially.
Police say they will never be able to fully solve the problem unless residents routinely lock their car doors.