Efforts to vaccinate homebound seniors hit snag amid Johnson & Johnson shot pause

The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine pause is causing a ripple effect of problems for the people tasked with vaccinating homebound seniors.
The Johnson & Johnson shot was the vaccine of choice, and now they're having to scramble to replace it.
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The Greenburgh COVID-19 Vaccine Angels are in a race against time to help connect those that are homebound with COVID-19 vaccines.
Volunteer coordinator Alise Curran says J&J was the choice for the homebound senior population, and now it will be much harder help the 120 homebound residents now on the angels' waiting list.
Earlier this month Empress EMS began delivering the J&J shot to homebound residents like 103-year-old Ela Hathway, who would otherwise not have access to the lifesaving vaccine.
The program, which was set up in partnership with Westchester County, is also now on pause.
"They were able to go in one time, give that shot, and the person would be fully vaccinated. Until we get J&J back, that means we will have to send Empress in twice," says Westchester Health Commissioner Dr. Sherlita Amler.
Amler said the county is trying to sub in the Moderna vaccine, which would require two shots.
Empress EMS was able to vaccinate more than 500 homebound residents this month before the J&J pause.
If you or a loved one is homebound and looking to get the vaccine, reach out to your local senior center and they can help get you on a list to receive the homebound shot.