Edgemont sixth-grader lobbies for safer sidewalks

An Edgemont sixth-grader is pushing to make the journey to school safer for everyone.
Maya Barmecha is rallying up support to build a sidewalk along Fort Hill Road from Longview Drive to Underhill Road. 
Barmecha came up with the idea from her own experience living in Edgemont.
She says walking to and from school isn’t just difficult, but it puts her life at risk.
"I can't walk on the little parts. I have to walk a road and sometimes I dodge cars so I don't get hit and that's very dangerous for me,” she says.
She recalls some close calls walking along the windy, narrow road.
"One time I fell and a car was coming and did not see me. I had to crawl onto the sidewalk,” she syas.
Barmecha went before the Greenburgh Town Board to ask for the sidewalk.
"I think there's definitely a need, and thanks to Maya's efforts, there’s a good chance the town will be responsive,” says Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner.