Rep. Bowman, Latimer encourage voters to cast ballots early

Voters can cast their ballots early starting today until June 23. Primary day is June 25.

Jade Nash

Jun 15, 2024, 3:56 PM

Updated 29 days ago


Early voting is underway across the state – and politicians involved in some highly contested races are rallying people to head to the polls.
One of those important races is between Rep. Jamaal Bowman and Westchester County Executive George Latimer. The two Democrats are vying to represent New York's 16th Congressional District, which includes parts of Westchester and the Bronx.
Both politicians held campaign events in Westchester on Saturday. Bowman, who currently holds the seat, brought a bus full of people with him to New Rochelle where he voted early – along with those eligible to vote.
"We need everyone to participate in our democracy in order for it to work, so we're treating this day as like it's Election Day," Bowman said. "We don't want people to wait until the 25th."
Meanwhile, George Latimer held a campaign event in Yonkers where hundreds of carpenters showed up to support him.
"Voters have every opportunity to vote, and however they vote – obviously I'd like their support – but however they vote, they should vote," Latimer said.
The nine-day period began June 15 and is scheduled to end on June 23.
Several sites around the state are serving as early voting centers.

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