Dutchess County man still serving up sweets on Food Network's 'Spring Baking Championship'

Dutchess County's Derek Corsino is in the running to become Food Network’s next "Spring Baking" champion.
The Culinary Institute of America graduate is still going strong as the season finale approaches.
Corsino has only experienced one instance of nearly being sent home. So far, he tells News 12 he’s enjoying keeping everyone on their toes each week.
“Though I might be loving an episode that’s coming up or I might be dreading an episode that might be coming up, I try to be completely dead pan of ‘anything can happen!'” says Corsino. “I will not reveal anything because you know what, it’s just like a game to me at this point.”
The next episode that Corsino will star in airs on Monday at 9 p.m. on the Food Network.