Dutchess County man faces federal charges for alleged role in Capitol riots

A Dutchess County man is facing federal charges for his alleged role in the U.S. Capitol riots - and he was spotted on camera during News 12's coverage of it, according to a criminal complaint.
According to the FBI, William Vogel was seen walking out of the Capitol building on Jan. 6 holding a Trump flag and a red hat.
An acquaintance of Vogel's sent a screenshot to News 12 of Vogel after the raid. The screenshot is now part of the complaint against Vogel.
That's not the only piece of evidence against him. Four separate witnesses recognized him from not only the News 12 footage, but from Snapchat.
The FBI says Vogel recorded a Snapchat video inside the Capitol. He is heard talking, and according to the complaint, at least one witness says they were, "100% sure," that it was him.
There is also evidence that Vogel drove from New York early on Jan. 6, stopped in Maryland and then returned late that night.
He faces four charges including entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct inside a house of Congress and more.