DPW union says Mount Vernon hasn't paid overtime hours in nearly 3 months

Frustration is boiling over for dozens of municipal workers in Mount Vernon who say the city hasn't paid them for overtime hours worked in nearly three months.
The president of Teamsters Union Local 456, which represents DPW workers, says the city is giving them the run-around - with the mayor and city comptroller pointing fingers at each other.
"We saw a budget line where money is transferred over, and the men still didn't get paid. So, somebody is lying, and the comptroller will not be forthright and come forward and show us," says Louis Picani, president of the Teamsters Local Union 456.
Daniel Terry, a city spokesperson, issued a statement saying in part: "Mayor Patterson-Howard has worked tirelessly to compel the comptroller to pay outstanding overtime wages and come to the table to negotiate union contracts. Contracts cannot be the negotiated if the financial state of the city is unknown."
Comptroller Deborah Reynolds fired back, telling News 12 she blames the mayor for reckless spending.
As the fighting between two of the most powerful women in the city of Mount Vernon continues, Local 456 is preparing to take legal action.