Dozens rally in support of Eastchester police officer who filed discrimination suit

Dozens rallied in support Tuesday for an Eastchester police officer who has filed a discrimination suit against the town.
Officer Anthony Barberan is suing Eastchester over claims that he's been told that he speaks "street-like" and that he talks "ghetto."
Barberan says because he's from Yonkers he's been passed up for promotions and unfairly punished.
"There's a pattern. It's retaliation. It's obvious and it's not fair," says former Eastchester Police Officer Jeffrey Meyer.
Meyer, who is the union president, says he has seen this type of treatment before.
In a statement, Police Chief Timothy Bonci says, "The Town has denied the allegations in their entirety. Because the complaint is pending, we have no comment at this time. However, we note that this officer is currently the subject of serious disciplinary charges and has a history of misconduct."
Bonci wouldn't comment on the lawsuit but confirmed that Barberan has been on leave since January.