Don’t even think about knocking on these doors in Suffern

If you are a door-to-door salesman, you might want to avoid trying to sell your products in Suffern.
Suffern Mayor Michael Curley says the village has been receiving complaints from residents about people knocking on doors, and so they're updating the village's "No Knock Program."
Residents can fill out a form stating you want to be added to a list of homes that forbids these door knockers from coming to your home.
Then they will be mailed a sticker to put in a window or door so they know they are not welcome.
The sticker explicitly says “DO NOT KNOCK ON THIS DOOR - SERIOUSLY DON’T DO IT.”
Mayor Curley says if they still come to your doorstep, it is illegal, and that you should call the Village Clerk's Office or the Suffern police.
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