Dominican Republic authorities positively ID bodies of missing Mount Vernon residents

The Embassy of the Dominican Republic says it has positively identified the bodies of a missing Mount Vernon man and woman.
Authorities says that after a thorough investigation, they confirmed that Orlando Moore, 43, and Portia Ravenelle, 52, both died due to a car accident that occurred a few days ago near the airport in Santo Domingo.
According to the Dominican authorities, Ravanelle escaped the car crash as their rental automobile went underwater. She was found unconscious and taken to the hospital. She later died at the hospital.
They say she did not carry documentation on her so they were unable to identify her until recently. She died four days after being brought to the hospital.
Moore's body was found a few days later, at sea. The car is still underwater.
Moore and Ravenelle were supposed to return home on March 27. Police say the pair checked out of their resort hotel that day but there was no record of them making their flight back and their rental car was missing.
Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas says he knew Moore personally and that he's "shocked" by both deaths.
Friends of Moore say he frequented the Steam House restaurant in Mount Vernon. He was a family friend friend of the owner. Staff members say Moore was a well-liked man.