$3T coronavirus relief bill could repeal SALT

House Democrats are proposing a $3 trillion relief bill, and there is one item that could bring some relief to struggling Long Islanders.

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May 13, 2020, 3:25 PM

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House Democrats are proposing a $3 trillion relief bill, and there is one item that could bring some relief to struggling Long Islanders.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo sounded the alarm if New York does not get federal funding.

"New York has a $61 billion funding gap, which is a very, very serious funding gap," said Cuomo. "States fund local governments. We fund police, firefighters and schools. If our budget doesn't work, who gets cut? Police, firefighters, schools local governments. The very people who we need to fight this virus."

Cuomo has voiced his support for the new $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill crafted by House Democrats. It includes a repeal of what is called SALT, or state and local tax deduction. SALT increases taxes of homeowners in New York and other states.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said Wednesday the state and local aid is needed for things like maintaining roads.

"It's really important to keep government going, and I can't think of a more basic, important function of government besides health, safety is roads," Curran said. "I am cautiously optimistic ... about the next round of federal coronavirus funding."

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said Tuesday the House Democrat bill is "dead on arrival" in the Senate because it has "so much unrelated to coronavirus."

Republican Rep. Peter King said he would vote for the bill.

"People like Mitch McConnell are just wrong when they say we're trying to bail out blue states," King said.

"This is the first interview I'm doing since I started reviewing it," said Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin. "I'm seeing some poison pills in it that are a huge red flag, and I would imagine that as I continue going through the many, many pages, that we'll see additional items for us to talk to about."
Notes from Wednesday's briefing are below:
  • Cuomo: "Wearing a mask says 'I respect you...I respect the front-line heroes. It's a sign of respect.'"
  • The number of hospitalizations, intubations are down.
  • 166 New Yorkers died on Tuesday due to COVID-19.
  • Cuomo: Front-line workers are testing at lower rates than the general population for antibodies.
  • Of 2,750 New York State Police members, 3.1% tested positive for antibodies.
  • Of more than 3,000 corrections officers, 7.5% tested positive.
  • Cuomo says the results show that essential workers were protected during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Elected surgeries to begin in 12 more counties.
  • Gov. Cuomo says the public must stay alert because there are things about the virus that are still being discovered. "What we thought we knew, doesn't always turn out to be true."
  • The state Department of Health sent an alert to 49 other state health departments regarding children getting sick with COVID-19-related illnesses.
  • 14 other states and 5 European countries have reported child cases as well. (Fever, abdominal pain, change in skin color, racing heart among other symptoms). New York Department of Health.
  • Gov. Cuomo says the state is in need of $61 billion in federal aid that he hopes will come in the next stimulus aid package. He says it will go toward state testing and tracing, public infrastructure.
  • 'Make sure it's in the final bill.' - Gov. Cuomo says SALT repeal is 'single best piece of action' in proposed $3 trillion aid package.
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