Dog shot: State police search for suspect who shot German shepherd

State police are looking for whoever shot a dog in a wooded area along Potic Mountain Road in Greene County.
The Great Pyrenees German shepherd mix dog was shot on New Year's Day in Athens.
The owner, Kurt Andernach, noticed the 2-year-old, 80-pound dog named Kolija was hurt as he approached him on his property.
Kolija was bleeding from a severe injury to his right rear leg.
Andernach rushed his dog to Kingston Animal Hospital in Ulster County.
State troopers and officers found a blood trail that led them to an area near power lines during their search.
Investigators tracked Kolija steps and discovered the dog walked about 600 yards back home after being shot.
The dog was treated for a gunshot wound, a broken pelvis and broken femur.
Kolija later had surgery at a veterinary clinic in Stamford, Connecticut and is expected to survive.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Catskill Bureau of Criminal Investigation at 518-622-8600.
The Records Management System number is 2400001365.