Doctor returns to New York to assist with coronavirus crisis

A Somers native has returned from San Francisco to assist New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Queens.

News 12 Staff

Apr 29, 2020, 6:18 PM

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When the pandemic peaked in New York hospitals, he and his colleagues traveled from the University of San Francisco Medical Center to help.
While working at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Peters told News 12, ”There are an incredible amount of sick patients, the sickest patients I've ever taken care of.”
The 39-year-old critical care doctor went from treating life-threatening cases weekly to every day.
"Very difficult situation as you can imagine, it's pretty chaotic…” says Peters. “I don't think any hospital in the world had the resources to take care of the vast majority of sick patients and people that were put upon the New York health care system."
News 12 is told he arrived in early April and will continue helping patients through May.
Peters feels good about helping his native state, saying in part, “It feels like you're contributing back to your hometown, your home city."
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