Doctor: Don’t feel pressured to ditch your mask following new guidance

News 12 spoke with many around the Hudson Valley, some of whom had mixed feelings after a year of wearing them as protection against COVID-19.
Psychiatrist Dr. Liat Jarkon, from the Center for Behavioral Health at NYIT, says don't feel pressure to make changes quickly.
“The best way to navigate this is to be true to your own feelings. If you're feeling anxious, put the mask back on,” she says.
CDC guidelines essentially allow vaccinated people to go just about everywhere without a mask except on public transportation, schools and certain health facilities.
“If you are comfortable still wearing a mask, wear a mask,” says Dr. Jarkon. “…Start slowly. Don't go from zero to 100. We didn't get this way in a year in a half, it took us all awhile to acclimate.”