Deep Dive: Consumer Reports gives you some tips on how to save at the grocery store

Because many of you say you're dining out less due to COVID-19, the Alert Center team decided to call our Yonkers neighbor, Consumer Reports, to find out ways you can save at the grocery store.
They're simple and could be a major gamechanger. It requires no math and the key to savings is in your kitchen - your freezer!
Tobie Stanger, with Consumer Reports, says if you see a deal in the store, buy now, eat later. "It's really two different tips at once. Finding the bargains, freezing what you don't need now, and then using that bargain food later."
And Stanger says you might be able to save even more if you're in the military, or are a teacher, health care worker, or senior. "A number of stores offer senior discounts. You might have to shop certain hours, and the definition of senior may be different from supermarket to supermarket."
And how about a therapeutic way to save? Stanger says you can also cut down on spending by growing your own food. "I think it saves you the most on herbs, because herbs can be very expensive and you don't use a lot of them, and a lot of them go to waste."
When it comes to grocery delivery, Consumer Reports says be careful -- because some stores charge more for the service.