Decision looms on whether Championship Week will return to Westchester County Center

Returning to the County Center would be a happy reunion for many.

News 12 Staff

Jan 27, 2023, 10:53 PM

Updated 451 days ago


A decision could be made on Monday by Section One basketball officials on whether or not Championship Week will return to the Westchester County Center.
It's been almost three years since the popular arena has hosted a sporting event.
The building went through renovations following the pandemic, and county officials say it will be ready for game action next month.
Returning to the County Center would be a happy reunion for many.  

"I love it, having been a player and played there twice two years in a row. I mean I'm so happy for my kids. That's the greatest opportunity for them, it's a big stage," says Albertus Magnus girls basketball coach Pat Buckley. 
"My sister played at the County Center," said Nia Rencher, a Ketcham junior center. "I feel like it would be cool if we both went, it would mean a lot to me."  

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