DEC: Oil spilled into Bronx River contained, didn’t affect drinking water

The state Department of Environmental Conservation says an oil spill that reached the Bronx River has been contained and didn’t affect local drinking water.
Officials say the spill happened when a building on Garth Road got an oil delivery late Friday.
The tank was overfilled and began leaking into the parking lot before reaching into storm drains, which connect to the Bronx River.
Eastchester Fire Chief Brian Tween says they set up containment booms in the river to stop the oil from spreading. The oil reached as far as the Crestwood Train Station in Tuckahoe.
A private company teamed up with the state Department of Environment Conservation to vacuum the oil overnight.
One resident told News 12 that they noticed geese and ducks “covered in oil.” The DEC says they're working to help the animals while continuing to remove the oil out of the river.
It won’t know how much oil was spilled until the cleanup is complete.