COVID-19 reunion: Mother, son reunite after 1 year in New Rochelle

An emotional reunion took place for a mother and son who hadn't seen each other in a year.
Josefina Catedrilla had not been able to see her 45-year-old son Cyril after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March 2020.
Cyril had to be placed into an induced coma for two months to protect his health after he contracted the virus. Even after he awakened from his coma over the summer, his family still could not see him.
As Cyril recovered, he was moved to United Hebrew of New Rochelle in October.
Staff facilitated virtual visits with his parents via FaceTime, and when health regulations permitted, “window visits” with his family.
Cyril received the COVID-19 vaccine in January, and his parents, both 74, received the vaccine in February.
The family was finally able to reunite in March at United Hebrew in New Rochelle.
 Before the pandemic, Cyril was a physical therapy assistant. He's now using that training so he can walk again.