County Executive Latimer enacts budget for 2020, including big pay hikes

Westchester County Executive George Latimer signed the county’s $2.1 billion spending plan into law Tuesday.
The budget will decrease the property levy by $1 million and increase funding for the county’s reserve fund.  Ten million dollars will be added to the rainy-day supply, and funding for child care, public safety and nonprofits will also rise.
Some people are criticizing the budget due to top county staffers receiving $40,000 raises. The Board of Legislators also raised its salaries by 52%, from $49,000 to $75,000.
Although Latimer is not amongst the chosen staffers, he says he stands with the pay hikes.
"Just because you have people in the county government that have gone 15 years without compensation, who've worked for a long period of time. The pay plan amendment included individuals who are lawyers, about 157 lawyers who are more than willing to leave us and work in the private sector if we could not break 15 years," says Latimer, Westchester county executive.
The raises are being paid partially by an increase in sales taxes that went into effect in August. Westchester County will now compete with New York City, Nassau and Suffolk counties' salaries.
The 2020 budget is expected to generate $140 million a year in revenue. However, some residents are not happy with the newfound distribution.
News 12 was told people would have rather the increased funds be spent on the community, and not the employees. Resident Sid Miller said in part about the budget, “people don't have food to eat right around the corner. It’s out of balance, completely.”