Countdown to Shutdown: The effect of lost jobs, revenue in Cortlandt

More than 1,000 Indian Point employees could soon be jobless once the nuclear power plant shuts down in 2021 – causing a wave of concern in the Cortlandt community.
News 12 spoke with Antonio D'Angelo, a third-generation worker at the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan. His uncle worked as a senior radioactive waste technician and his grandfather helped build Unit 2.
The life D'Angelo built is now slowly being dismantled. He sold his house and plans to sell his truck.
“Starting over sucks, it really does," D’Angelo said. “It is stressful knowing that in two years, I won’t have a job.”
Jenean Eichenholtz is worried about how the plant’s closure will impact her kids’ quality of education as the Hendrick Hudson School District is set to lose $24 million in funding each year. It’s one-third of the district’s budget.
Superintendent Joseph Hochrieter says taxes will likely go up, but it’s not known by how much. He is preparing options to cut costs by trimming programs or possibly reorganizing schools.
“These are all discussions now, painful discussions we are going to have to have," he said.
Discussions are also happening in the Village of Buchanan, which is set to lose 40% of its budget after the closure.
Mayor Theresa Knickerbocker says the village can’t “budget with hope.”
However, there is some state aid available to the district, village and town of Cortlandt, and state lawmakers are aiding in the patchwork plan. State Sen. Pete Harckham sponsored a bill that successfully passed both houses to provide job security to Indian Point workers.
Entergy spokesperson Jerry Nappi says the legislation is not necessary because Holtec International has agreed to hire on some of the plant's current employees, but has not specified how many.
There is another state bill to tax the federal government for the land where fuel used at Indian Point will be stored for decades to come.
“That’s all real property and should be taxed as such," said Harckham.
Entergy says it is offering every employee a job within the company if they are willing to move out of state.