Cortlandt business owners host COVID-19 safe pop-up weddings for Valentine's Day

Two Cortlandt business owners hosted COVID-19 safe pop-up weddings in Westchester just for Valentine's Day.
Lisa Vassell and Michelle Grant are in the business of weddings. When the pandemic hit and impacted their business, they were worried about how they could still give back to couples in their community.
"What's going on with the pandemic, we had to become creative and inventive with the business. Unfortunately, we took a huge hit," Vassell says. "We need to be able to do something else for them, bring something different and still make it fun and elegant, that is still COVID safe."
The two women hosted the weddings at the Cortlandt Colonial Ballroom to make sure their community could keep their celebrations close by.
"I've lived in Westchester since my teenage years…There's not a lot of stuff that happens, and we have beautiful facilities and venues and everything, but unfortunately everything is offered in the city," Grant says.
The venue functioned at half capacity so couples could make sure their celebrations were small and safe.