Cornwall mom says daughter experienced racism at middle school

A Cornwall mother is hoping to raise awareness to what she says is racism in her daughter’s school.  
Alisha Meekins has a 12-year-old daughter who goes to Cornwall Middle School.  
She spoke out about several alleged instances at two recent board meetings.  
She tells News 12 the behavior started last year and that in one instance, her daughter was told by students her hair beads were too loud.  
Other times, she says students made fun of her daughter or singled her out during discussions about Black History Month and Juneteenth.   
“'When you were slaves', as in my child, 'when you were slaves, we fed you and gave you a place to live and food to eat. That’s more than enough. You don’t need this holiday.' And that’s just cruel.”  
Cornwall Superintendent Terry Dade says allegations of harassment, bulling or racism are taken seriously and are not tolerated.  
He says he's aware of Meekins’ concerns and that they are being addressed.